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Short Torso Steel Boned Corsets

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This underbust corset combines breathable comfort with weight waist training.  It is perfect for everyday waist training to define your hourglass curves, even in the summer heat.


High-Quality Cotton, Flexible steel boning(26)


  • Built for Heavy Duty - 26 Double Steel Boned - 20 Spiral Steel Bones, 4 Steel Bars in the back, 2 Steel Bars Adjacent to the front busk
  • Pre-laced in a Bidirectional Fashion with Strong Cord Lacing for Waist Training


    • Create an Hourglass Curve Silhouett
    • Provide solid support to your lumbar, middle, and lower back
    • Helps with your posture correction if you wear it during work
    • Underbust design lifts and enhances your bust