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Breathable 9 Steel Boned Waist Trainer

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If you’re looking to see big results from your waist training experience, this adjustable waist trainer is made with four rows of hooks—giving you an ultra-secure fit and more room to size down as your waist shrinks. Using firm compression, this high-powered garment provides instant slimming and complements your waist training slim-down plan. It’s the perfect option for beginners or anyone who has big slimming goals, such as after pregnancy.


The outer layer of 100% natural latex; Cotton-spandex lining, Flexible steel boning (9).


  • 3 rows of hook-and-eye closures, to size down with you;
  • Flexible thin steel boning (9) for powerful shaping.


    • Instantly drop several inches from your waistline;
    • Stimulates heat in your core;
    • Create a flat tummy;
    • Supports back for a corrected, more confident posture.
    • Mesh design for breathability