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230° Led Headlamp

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  • The newly upgraded 230° headlight features a 230° wide angle of view and a perfect sidelighting mechanism.
  • The main features are IPX5 waterproof, up to 8 hours of standby, five lights and its unique Wave Sensor.
  • With an adjustable headband and ultra-lightweight material, it is ideal for extreme environments such as outdoor and high altitude use.


IPX5 Waterproof

  • It's perfect for anyone to use, whether it's raining or snowing, indoors or outdoors, and a slight splash of rain won't affect use.

Lasts up to 8 Hours&5 Light Modes

  • The headlamp is powered by a front LED and a side beam that provides powerful light coverage up to 500 feet away.
  • The side light is perfect for when you don't want to blind everyone in your path.
  • This headlamp charges at lighting speed via USB Type C and takes only 90 minutes to fully charge.
  • The battery life is as follows:
    3 hours.COB 100%, 350 lumens
    5 hours.COB 40%, 150 lumens
    4 hours. XPE 100%, 150 lumens
    XPE 40%, 60 lumens
    8h. Strobe function

The Ultimate all-in-one Headlamp

  • The LED headlamp is the new standard in high performance rechargeable headlamps.
  • It is perfect for a variety of activities such as running, construction, home repair and adventure.

230° Ultra-wide angle Illumination

  • My wide viewing angle illuminates more of what your eyes can see, so you'll have zero blind spots.
  • The 350 lumens of bright LEDs can reflect a 400-foot beam without any problems.
  • We take care of the lighting so you can focus on your work, and with headlights, you can see the world as you normally would in broad daylight.

Unique Wave Sensor

  • The light can be easily controlled by waving your hand around the sensor.
  • Just wave your hand over the sensor and it will turn on/off in an instant.
  • This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate specific areas, allowing you to stay focused.

Ultra-lightweight & Adjustable Headband

  • Extremely easy to adjust and fits any helmet, hard hat and all head sizes, including children.
  • Super comfortable to wear - as it weighs no more than 3 ounces.